Add Waddel

Patience for a Solid Foundation

Add Waddell Patience for a Solid Foundation

By: VeNecia DeCluette 2009

What do you think you could learn from a NBHA National Champion? What value do you think there would be in watching a trainer ride if he has trained NFR, futurity, derby, and 4D champion horses? You will want to consider the answers to those two questions before watching this video, as that is exactly what this installment provides. This month you are invited to meet Add and Lori Waddell of Henryetta, Oklahoma. Add is the gentleman who can boast about THREE NBHA National titles, and he is also the trainer of Risky Chris – 2000 NFR World Champion Barrel Horse!

In this video, Add expounds on the statement that you “Can’t make a horse overnight”, and helps you to understand how important a complete and solid foundation is on a barrel horse. He explains and illustrates how he uses foundation exercises and concepts to tune on all of his horses green to finished, and he also explains how the exercises helped to bring Chris back from an almost catastrophic injury.

Add’s training focuses on teaching a horse to use his body correctly, and in this video you are allowed to see Add riding Chris and reinforcing all of the basics. His session with Chris displays how working a finished horse at the walk can shave seconds off your run. If you’ve never seen an NFR champion barrel horse tuned on, this video is your opportunity!

Add is not a trainer that will push a horse’s development for the sake of competition, and his advice focuses on patience and consistency. He makes a point of feeling a horse out in order to help him develop his own way of doing things, and to help him learn to use his entire body effectively. From the concept of perfect movement at the walk, to equipment and bit selection, and on to pocket size during your run and your tuning sessions, Add touches on several key items that will help you and your horse improve as a team and make that Winning Run!

This video is suitable for beginner to advanced riders with at least average riding ability, and the exercises presented here are suitable for young to finished horses.

The Winning Tips installment marks the return Laura Schumann! This time around, Laura takes time to delved deeper into the her concept of “flexation”. You’ll have an “ah-ha” moment or two as Laura helps you to understand how flexation leads to mobility, mobility leads to position, and position leads to control . . . all of which lead to a Winning Run!