Annesa Self

Barrel Racing with Annesa

Barrel Racing with Annesa Self

By: VeNecia DeCluette 2009

Annesa Self’s qualifications span several decades, she has an impressive resume and there is little that she has not done. Annesa boasts youth championships, the 1981 Reserve Rookie of the Year title and the 1991 Inter-collegiate championship. She is a multiple derby and futurity champion, two time Prairie Circuit and multiple Texas Circuit finalist, 3 time Texas Circuit Champion and she is an NFR qualifier.  In this installment Annesa discusses her philosophy of “horses and people communicating together and keeping it fun.”  Annesa comes to the beautiful Diamond W Arena, to share her knowledge and help you make that Winning Run!!

Annesa comes to barrel racing with a degree in education, and this video highlights how her education helps her with her colts. Annesa works to keep things fun, light and simple with her horses, and it is evident from her resume and the horses she rides in this video that her slow steady pace works.  Annesa impresses the importance of taking your time and going slow with a horse, and both horses that she rides have obviously benefited from her approach.  It is a joy to watch Annesa ride her horses, and she teaches you in this video how to make and keep your horses soft and responsive by using a “tender touch.”

This video is suitable for beginner to advanced riders with at least average riding ability, and the exercises presented here are suitable for young to finished horses. Annesa takes the time in this video to discuss the importance of whoa and a solid foundation, verbal and physical communication with your horse, how to go about keeping training fun for the horse, turning techniques and exercises, how to prepare yourself and your horse on game day, and nutrition.

Annesa is easy to watch and listen to, and you come away from this video with instruction that you can insert into your training program very easily.  Her horses, Seven and Dillon, keep Annesa on her toes in this video and the result is that you get to see a real training situation.  From asking for leads and achieving a good whoa, to rider body position and preparation for a run . . . Annesa lets you into her training program and provides you with the tools it takes to make that Winning Run!!

The Winning Tips Installment in this DVD features a preview of the featured trainer Carla Oiler, as well as the conclusion to Charlotte’s clinic that has been featured on two DVDs.  Carla takes time to discuss some training aids that she uses in her training program.  In a short time she gives a lot of information and wets your appetite for her complete video.  Part 3 of Charlotte’s clinic draws the video to a close and it is informative and useful in the information that she provides to her students in attendance.