Cassie Moseley

Training for the Longhaul

Cassie Moseley Training for the Long Haul

By: VeNecia DeCluette 2009

This month gives you the distinct pleasure of spending time with Cassie and David Moseley of Farwell, Texas. Cassie is an honor graduate of the University of Texas at MD Anderson, as well as a professional barrel racer and horse trainer. David, a professional farrier, is the backbone to Cassie’s team and her strongest supporter. Together, with Cassie’s horse Mighty, they won PRCA Turquoise Circuit Rookie of the Year honors, and finished third in the Turquoise Circuit Standings for the year! That same year Cassie also claimed Reserve PRCA Rookie of the year honors. 2008 saw Cassie qualify to the NFR for the first time with only 59 rodeos attended and $150,000 in winnings. Cassie finished 2008 4th in the PRCA World Standings, and 4th in the average. Those impressive qualifications are what drove Charlotte to invite Cassie to be a featured trainer on!

This is the second video that features a discussion about hoof and farrier care. David takes time in this video to discuss proper shoeing and hoof care, and also discusses common issues with barrel horses that can be attributed to improper shoeing. David discusses the various tactics he employs to keep their horses sound and running strong and specifically discusses issues such as underrun heels, horses that pull shoes, the differences in shoeing running bred -vs- classically bred horses, how to address hoof condition issues, and nail placement in a hoof. His discussion is frank and informative and will leave you feeling more confident about conversations with your farrier.

Cassie is a joy to watch in this video! She has mastered the art of clearly explaining her training philosphy and discussing it as she rides. You will learn from this video how she takes some of those “fire breathing dragons” off the track and turns them in to winning horses in the arena. Cassie takes the time to discuss when she breaks her horses, how she starts them, and how she gets them well broke and responsive. She rides two different horses in this video, and the horse change allows you the opportunity to see how she works with both her finished horses and the fidgety colts that are sure to be future champions.

This video is suitable for beginner to advanced riders with at least average riding ability, and the exercises presented here are suitable for young to finished horses. Cassie takes the time in this video to discuss tack and bit selection, training aids, hoof care, slow work, addressing alleyway issues, pocket size and placement, her warm up routine, the importance of strong basics and foundation, them mental game of barrel racing, and the importance of her team. There is no shortage of information included in this video. From the steps that David and Cassie take to make a horse, to the importance of a strong team, this video provides insight into a successful training program. You are allowed to delve into the mind of an NFR competitor, and the result is a video that is easy to watch and understand.

The Winning Tips installment is a continuation of Charlotte Cunningham’s clinic at Diamond W Arena, and this is the nitty gritty piece of the clinic. Charlotte starts to ride participant horses and really dig down into the issues that she saw in the runs that started the clinic. This is the part of the clinic where she really shows her students how to make those Winning Runs!!