Charlotte Cunningham

Ground work to Fast work

Charlotte Cunningham  Ground Work to Fast Work 2 Disk Set

By: VeNecia DeCluette 2010

The goal of has always been to educate barrel racers, and to help you make Winning Runs! The Road to Winning video series is a serious step toward that ultimate goal. This series will literally take the viewer from beginning to end, from ground work to fast work! Charlotte has planned a series that starts by bringing Terry Ford, John Paul Trujillo and T.J. Jones of RTF Running Horses right into your living room where they will help you select and train your colts from start to finish.

Terry Ford and John Paul Trujillo take time in the beginning of this video to discuss and demonstrate the steps they take with their colts from the time they hit the ground to instill a solid foundation on them. While Terry discusses the process, John Paul illustrates how to begin groundwork with a colt so that he is ready for the next steps in training. John Paul’s patience is evident in this video, and it is easy to see why colts are so at ease in his hands. The groundwork basics that are shown and explained in this video will have your horse used to being handled, receptive to ropes, blankets and the saddle, and willing to move out freely.

T.J. Jones moves the same colt past basic groundwork in this video, and illustrates some additional desensitization work that will help to create a calm horse even in dangerous situations. The techniques that T.J. uses will have your colt rodeo ready, and far past the typical freak-outs that colts can be notorious for. T.J.’s demeanor is calm and unruffled, and you can see that his methods are effective.

Charlotte spends some time during this video helping you choose a prospect for barrel racing. She’ll go over the qualities that she looks for in her horses, and she also highlights the traits that she simply will not accept. This video introduces her to one of the future stars that she has in her barn, and this gorgeous colt puts on quite a show as Charlotte talks about her first ride on a new horse.

This video is suitable for advanced riders and horse handlers with strong riding ability. The exercises presented here are suitable for colts and young horses, and care should be taken to exercise caution when working with young horses. It is the recommendation of that handlers with limited experience attempt these methods only under the supervision of a professional.

As an added bonus, you are invited to a private lesson with Charlotte Cunningham as the instructor. Lisa Downs and Feather are the students in the Mini Clinic with Charlotte. Lisa is a student from Charlotte’s full clinic held at Diamond W, and she is back for more for some one on one instruction. It seems Feather has been getting past the first barrel and occasionally blowing off the third when asked for speed. Charlotte offers some simple solutions and subtle tweaks, that garner immediate improvement and have Lisa and Feather on the road to making some Winning Runs!!