Danyelle Campbell

Exercises in Consistency

Danyelle Campbell Exercises in Consistency

By: VeNecia DeCluette 2010

This WinningRuns.com video is complete and refreshing.  Multiple NFR qualifier and futurity champion Danyelle Campbell leaves no question unanswered in this installment and no concept unexplained.  Perhaps because Danyelle didn’t grow up with horses, she is able to clearly explain her suggestions, instruction and advice.  Beyond her obvious riding ability, she is an apparent pro at breaking down instruction and concepts, which makes this video pleasurable to watch and invaluable to have.  Danyelle has a knack for taking horses from the futurity pen to the upper echelon rodeo rankings, an accomplishment that not many can boast. In this video, she shows you the equipment and exercises that she uses on all of her horses to get them calm but aggressive and to achieve that winning run!

Danyelle’s approach to barrel racing is refreshingly different from any we’ve seen in previous WinningRuns videos, and it is apparent in watching her ride that her methods are working.  Danyelle focuses on controlling her horse’s entire body by limiting the influence of her hands and focusing more on her legs.  In this video she clearly shows and explains to you exactly what that means, and how it affects your horse’s movement and performance.  Danyelle is known for having horses that are very aggressive leaving the turns, and in this video she illustrates several exercises and the philosophy that she employs to get her horses working this way.  This video will provide you with an abundance of exercises for you and your horse, both on and off the pattern.  With the use of props for some exercises and the barrels for others, Danyelle is able to provide you with instruction that feels simple to incorporate into your current program.

This video is suitable for intermediate to advanced riders with at least average riding ability, as the concepts do require some previous knowledge.  The exercises presented here are suitable for horses with a basic riding foundation as well as horses with advanced levels of training.  The video addresses bit selection, saddle selection, feed and supplement choices, rider hand and leg placement, positioning in the pattern, alleyway issues, preventative training measures to avoid problems, and equine health both mental and physical.

To say that you will enjoy watching Danyelle ride and train in the video is an understatement.  She rides several different horses, each with a different style and attitude.  The beauty is that while her philosophy is consistent, she is able to adjust her riding to the needs of each different horse.  It is endearing to see that she too has some less than perfect mounts in her barn, and she allows you to see this aspect on purpose.  She admits to having brought horses that are challenging so that you, the viewer, are allowed to see the tribulations of training and you realize it’s not all sunshine and buttercups on the way to that WinningRun!

Speaking of buttercups, the Winning Tips installment is a continuation of last months tuning session with Buttercup.  Buttercup is still in the WinningRuns Barn and needing a lesson in listening and respect.  This session with Buttercup, not only points out the importance of  getting your horse to listen to you, but it is also an endorsement for seeking professional help when the issues you and your horse have amassed have outgrown your skill level.  Buttercup has been taking the bit from her rider and not working honestly in the pattern.  Charlotte addresses many smaller foundational issues with Buttercup that are leading to the larger issue in the pattern, and this time you see Charlotte have to really get after Buttercup in order to get her working well.