Jackie Dube Jatzlau

Your Job as the Rider

Jackie Dube Jatzlau

By VeNecia DeCluette 2008

The typical training video focuses on training your horse and addressing training issues that manifest themselves in the pattern. The typical training video, gives you insight into the philosophy that different trainers apply to barrel racing. Jackie Dube-Jatzlau is anything but typical. Multiple NFR and tour finale qualifications, a Josey Junior World Championship, and a nickname like “The Wild Child” should point that out to you. Jackie’s riding style, her ability to train and win on several different horses . . . none of that is typical. She continues her a-typical trend with this months Winningruns.com video. Unlike so many other videos and trainers before her, Jackie focuses not on the horse’s job in the run, but on your job as a rider.

In this video, Jackie discusses the importance of understanding what the rider should focus on in order to make a successful pairing with their horse. You will hear Jackie talk about the importance of bonding with your horse and how it translates into the run. Her upbeat personality makes Jackie a joy to watch, and her simple explanations make the concepts she explains easy to understand. Jackie’s concept of rider responsibility is simple. If you’ve ever watched her jockey a horse through the pattern, you know that her philosophy works. Jackie explains in this video why she’s never had a barrel horse that “wasn’t fast enough”, and she’ll let us all in on how she got the nickname “Wild Child”.

In addition to the focus that Jackie places on the rider’s responsibility in the pattern, she also discussed the importance of bonding with your horse and forming a strong bond. Jackie’s horses want to work for her, and in this video installment she explains how much of that is in the communication between her and her horse. She explains how as little as 20 minutes a day is essential in forging an alliance with your horse, an alliance that will translate into the barrel pattern as success. Her philosophies and concepts are simple, and you can see from her success in the amateur, professional and futurity world that they work.

This video is suitable for intermediate to advanced riders with at least average riding ability, as the concepts do require some previous knowledge and are specific to the barrel pattern. The exercises presented here are suitable for horses with a basic riding foundation as well as horses with advanced levels of training. The video addresses the mental and physical approach to the barrel pattern, equipment selection.

As an added bonus, Charlotte Cunningham offers advice for the warm up pen and discusses the importance of warm up pen manners. It’s an etiquette lesson that can save someone’s life. You’ll also have an opportunity to watch Charlotte tune on a client’s mare, who simply needs a reminder of where her nose and hind end should be in the turns