Jill Moody

Training Fun & Easy

Jill Moody Training Fun and Easy

By VeNecia DeCluette 2008

Jill Moody’s recent NFR success seemed out of the blue for some people around professional rodeo, a third place finish with winnings over $170,000 seems unlikely for a relative newcomer. Folks along the northern circuit weren’t surprised at all though, as Jill has been a staple champion at the amateur levels up north near her home of Letcher, South Dakota. Jill and her husband Terry run T3 Quarter horses, where they stand several stallions to the public, and raise and train quality quarter horse prospects. In this video, Jill illustrates how she adheres to her core philosophy of “keep barrel racing fun” for both her and her horses.

Jill has a varied background that includes barrel racing, western pleasure and dressage, and she uses skills from each of these disciplines to keep her horses working well. Her background in Horsemanship is also very obvious in her training methods, and the way that she uses the natural tendency of the horse to easily train them. Jill’s methods and obvious aids and cues clearly illustrate how to make a soft, well broke horse. Specifically, Jill shows you the four skills that a horse needs to have in order to work the pattern, and she will show you how to teach your horse those skills.

This video is suitable for intermediate to advanced riders, as some of the concepts and exercises do require some previous knowledge, and at least average riding ability. The exercises presented here are suitable for horses with the most basic riding foundation as well as horses at a more advanced training level. The video addresses the importance of softness, hip control, shoulder control, rib cage control, and forward motion. Jill also discusses the responsibility of the rider in any successful training program, including hand placement, releasing pressure, and being able to “feel” your horse. Her training methods are focused as much on the rider as the horse, and she illustrates exercises for the rider that reinforce soft hands. This is an interesting departure from the typical training video that focuses solely on the horse.

The video focuses primarily on exercises that are off of the pattern, and how to get your horse working well off of your legs and aids. What is important to Jill is making sure that her horse is broke and working easily. As she rides, it is easy to see that the horses that she trains will easily excel in any discipline, not just barrel racing. You’ll walk away from this video knowing how to get your horse supple, how to get your horse to keep their hip underneath themselves, how to teach your horse simple lead changes, and how to get your horse to want to stop. Jill will teach you how to use what your horse already knows to move toward that Winning Run!

The Winning Tips installment included on this video is very informative. Charlotte takes this opportunity to show you how she works with clients and their horses during lessons. Melanie Self and her horse Sadie are Charlotte’s guests and students. You can expect to see them in this and next month’s installment. You’ll see Charlotte identify and address the issue with the Melanie-Sadie team . . . and you may be surprised at where the issue actually lies.