Jud Little Ranch

From Start To Finish

Jud Little Ranch from start to Finish

By VeNecia DeCluette 2007

Over the years, the Jud Little Ranch has become synonymous with prolific stallions, outstanding broodmares and performance horse breeding that is second to none. In the competitive rodeo industry and on the track, few ranches garner the same respect as The Bar Nothing. In addition to private treaty sales, stallion services and quality prospects for sale, the ranch hosts its own semi-annual horse sale and annual Barrel Bash. Few names are
as well known as Jud Little, and ever fewer brands are more recognizable.
Jud Little’s brand on a horse virtually guarantees a quality individual that is strong of mind and body. In this informative video installment, you are allowed behind the scenes access to one of the most successful ranches in recent equine history.

This video introduces you to Jolene Stewart, who starts all of Jud’s colts on the barrel pattern. Jolene offers insight into her program for starting horses on the pattern, and puts one of Jud’s Cash Not Credit fillies through the paces in order to show you what she looks for in the pattern with young horses. Jolene’s commentary during her ride is informative and instructional, and allows the viewer insight into a trainer’s mind. Tiffany Fox has been with Jud Little Ranch for 13 years, and is currently riding on the open rodeo circuit. Tiffany comes home for this WinningRuns.com installment and rides Jud’s stallion Best Credit Me Sunfrost. Tiffany discusses and illustrates some of the drills that she uses on the road to keep her finished horses in shape, and discusses the challenges she faces while she travels.

Few people will ever get the opportunity visit the Jud Little Ranch, even fewer will be allowed to learn from a horseman of Jud’s caliber. This video offers you the opportunity to do both. Additionally, you’ll meet three of his high caliber stallions, you’ll witness how his weanlings are started in the round pen, you’ll see how each of his horses are started on the pattern
and you’ll know how his team keeps his finished horses in performance shape.
This video is suitable for intermediate to advanced riders, as some of the concepts and exercises do require some previous knowledge, and at least average riding ability. The exercises presented here are suitable for horses with a basic riding foundation. The video addresses the importance of quality breeding, conditioning, starting young horses on the pattern, and the rigors of rodeo travel.