Karla Oller

Making the Grade with Karla

Karla Oller Making the Grade

By VeNecia DeCluette 2010

Karla Oller is a multiple derby and futurity finalist and champion, a Prairie Circuit Finalist and Rookie of the Year, and a Heartland Tour champion. She has raised and trained several champions and with the help of her husband Rick, she is continuing to burn up the 4-D circuits! Karla has broken her training philosophy down into a graded system, and in this video she will teach you how to graduate your horse with honors! From start to finish, Karla takes this opportunity to touch on every aspect of training her horses and shows you how to create a champion who will certainly make that Winning Run!!

Karla brought Troy Flaharty with her on her trip to Diamond W Arena. Troy starts all of Karla’s horses for her, and the opportunity to talk to Troy about bit selection and colt starting is invaluable. This introduction to Troy and his riding style will prove to be an asset to any training program. He illustrates how to get a colt soft and responsive without having to pull and tug on them. Watching Troy talk about what he does to start Karla’s horses is the perfect introduction to her graded training program. He gives a brief course on how to build a strong foundation in your horses training, that will allow your horse to work consistently and strong. He is the teacher responsible for getting her horses to the 2nd or 3rd grade level and then Karla takes it from there.

Karla give more information in this video than you will be able to take in from one watching. You’ll find yourself going back to this video over and over, each time finding one more golden nugget that will surely help you create a champion in your barn. She is patient and kind with her horses, and at the same time consistent and firm. She makes several runs for you on her horses and allows you to see, that even a champion of her caliber isn’t perfect.

This video is suitable for beginner to advanced riders with at least average riding ability, and the exercises presented here are suitable for young to finished horses. Karla rides three different horses in this video, and she provides a wealth of information that will have you running to the arena with your horse in tow to get started on making your next champion. Karla’s training program focuses on getting you relaxed as a rider, getting your horses to melt into the turns, warm up and stretching exercises, bits and equipment, and rider etiquette.

Karla is a blast to watch, and her horses are happy to work for her. She brings along challenging 3rd graders, as well as some horses that may even be approaching the high school level. She explains what she is doing every step of the way and really gives you insight into a trainers mind. Her horses work effortlessly, and you can see her philosophy at work! Grab a pen and a pad to take notes, have a seat in front of the TV and get ready for Karla Oller to help you make that Winning Run!