Kristie and Jordan Peterson

The Basics

Kristie and Jordan Peterson The Basics

By VeNecia DeCluette 2007

Kristie Peterson is a 4 time WPRA champion, a 3 time Reserve World champion and a 5 time NFR Average champion, and her horse Bozo is a 5 time Horse of the Year. Kristie’s daughter Jordon is the 2004 Josey Junior World Champion, 2004 Texas State Champion, and recently set an arena record on her way to winning her first BFA Futurity championship.

Kristie and Jordon will walk you through the basics that they instill into all of their horses as they train them to move toward championships. In order to win at the elite level your horse has
to be light, he has to work willingly, he has to use his hind end
effectively and he has to be responsive to his rider’s aids. This video shows you how to instill those qualities into your horse.

This video provides you with the four basic skills that are the integral in not only winning, but in making a true champion out of your horse. Kristie’s commentary, in conjunction with Jordon’s riding, offers the viewer a glimpse into a training session that few other videos will offer. By employing the philosophy and exercises provided in this video, it will be easy to keep your horse soft and responsive without over-breaking him before starting the pattern. Jordon’s riding perfectly illustrates
Kristie’s instruction in this video, and you can almost feel how soft her horse becomes with skilled riding. Kristie Peterson is a champion, she has coached her daughter Jordon to championship status, and she’s made a 5-time champion out of her horse Bozo. In this video she plainly provides you with the foundation that she has used to make those champions.

Kristie holds nothing back in this video, and that makes this video the most important in any quality collection.This video is suitable for intermediate to advanced riders, as some of the concepts and exercises do require some previous knowledge, and at least average riding ability. The exercises presented here are suitable for horses with a limited to basic riding foundation. The
video addresses the importance of balanced conformation, rider body and hand position, bit selection, fence work, and pole-bending work for forward motion.

As an added bonus, the Tomorrows Champions segment features Charlotte Cunningham and Zack Thompson. Tips for teaching leads, working on head placement and additional discussion about the four basics needed before beginning the pattern build on Kristie Peterson’s commentary.