Kristin Weaver-Brown

Balance, Rythym & Timing

Kristin Weaver Brown Balance, Rythym & Timing

By VeNecia DeCluette 2008

This video could very well be the foundation for every video, both past and present. Winningruns videos clearly state:

“This video is suitable for intermediate to advanced
riders, as some of the concepts and exercises do require
some previous knowlege and at least average riding

Kristen Weaver-brown will give you that “previous knowledge.” This video and it’s explanations of Balance, Rhythym and Timing are the foundation upon which a strong rider is built. Kristen is an AQHA Jr. World Champion, as well as a 4 time AQHA Reserve World Champion. She’s an NFR qualifier & the first woman to win the “Big 4” Rodeo Series. Kristen’s background in horsemanship, reining and working cow horse competition make her a fluid rider and talented trainer. More than that, her background has created an excellent teacher.

Winningruns viewers are constantly searching for that “feel” that many of our previous trainers have mentioned. Kristen is the first trainer to come on Winningruns and provide a solid explanation of what that “feel” is. With her explanation and exercises, Kristen helps you to learn how to “feel” the right motion by teach you how the balance, rhythym and timing affect the perfect rider to horse relationship.

The exercises demonstrated in this video focus primarily on the rider’s responsibility while riding. Kristen teaches you what your legs and hands are for and explains why your horse reacts as he does. The exercises will strengthen your cues and help you to find your center of gravity as a rider. This section is an informative illustration, and watching Charlotte attempt to execute the drills drives home the importance of pushing yourself as a rider.

This video is suitable for beginning to advanced riders, as some of the concepts are suitable for beginners – while others should be used only under the watchful eye of experienced riders. The exercises presented here are suitable for horses with a finished foundation. This video discusses rhythym, balance and timing as it applies to equine activity.

The Winning Tips installment is short but informative, focusing on viewer questions about feeding programs, travel safety and rodeo preparation.