Marne Loosenort

Team Loosenort

Marne Loosenort - Team Loosenort

By VeNecia DeCluette 2009

Marne and Bob Loosenort of Hazel, Kentucky were kind enough to meet Charlotte and the crew at Crossroads Arena in Cloverdale, Indiana, and the result is a video full of practical information and exercises. Marne is a Multiple futurity and derby champion including the Speedhorse championship and BFA Derby Championship,as well as the Year End Leader and Rookie of the year with IPRA. Bob is Marne’s better half, as well as being an all around cowboy and a farrier. In this installment Bob and Marne are gracious enough to share their knowledge and advice with you. With the exercises that Marne features, and the knowledge that Bob imparts, this video is sure to help you in making that Winning Run!

Marne rides three different horses in this video and she uses each of them to show you how to correct common issues that barrel horses exhibit when learning the pattern. Marne’s philosophy of keeping training simple, encouraging forward motion and not getting in a hurry are perfectly illustrated with the three horses that she rides. Each horse is different and presents with a different challenge, and Marne not only explains but shows you how to meet those challenges.

Bob takes time in this video to explain the importance of making sure your horse is level and balanced when shod, and he illustrates on different horses how that can mean different things. Bob clearly explains how common shoeing mistakes can affect your horses’ movement, and he discusses how those same mistakes can often lead to founder, navicular issues, ringbone and contracted or under run heels on your horse. The time spent with Bob in this video is invaluable to the barrel racer, because as Charlotte points out, “No foot – No Horse.” Bob’s explanations will leave you well equipped to discuss your horses needs at your next farrier appointment and leave you with a better understanding of how your horses feet should work.

This video is suitable for beginner to advanced riders with at least average riding ability, and the exercises presented here are suitable for young to finished horses. Bob and Marne take time to discuss the importance of a strong warm up routine, picking up leads, bit and tack selection, keeping a horse collected in the turns, appropriate shoeing for your horse, as well as supplemental nutrition. The Loosenort’s horses are a perfect study for this video. They allow you to see Marne address such issues as blowing out of the back side of the barrel, anticipating the turns, being sluggish in the turns and cross firing.

The time spent with Bob and Marne will be a welcome addition to any training video collection, and the knowledge contained within will surely help you to go out and make that Winning Run!!

If you’ve wanted to go to a clinic, but for whatever reason could not make it, this month’s Winning Tips installment is for you!! Take this incredible opportunity to be a non-riding student at on of Charlotte Cunningham’s barrel racing clinics. You’ll get to watch her address issues specific to each student on the video, and you’ll have an opportunity to hear Charlotte explain her philosophy on running barrels and where our sport is headed