Paul Humphrey

Finesse For Success

Paul Humphrey Finesse For Success 2 Disk Set

By VeNecia DeCluette
In the first installment of the Finesse series Paul Humphrey helped you to shave seconds off your run by using a little bit of finesse to address such common problems as shouldering in, and provided you with solutions to the most common barrel racing problems. Since that first video, you’ve been asking for more from Paul, and the staff has made that happen. We caught up with Paul after a successful trip to Italy and just before another departure, and he was happy to take some time out to film another incredible training video for us.

In this second installment, Paul takes finesse a step further by showing you how to keep issues from ever cropping up by ensuring that your horse has a strong foundation. Unlike some training videos that emphasize the importance of the basics and never show you what they are talking about, Paul brings along three horses at different training stages to clearly illustrate the foundation elements you should be instilling into your horses. He also uses these three different horses to impress the importance of tailoring your training and exercises to your horse’s level of understanding, a concept he first introduced in Finesse, Pt. 1. Watching Paul ride and adjust to three different horses at three different levels of training is impressive to say the least, and the strength of Paul’s training program is highlighted by the fact that all three horses work in a calm and effortless manner.

If you’ve ever walked away from a video thinking that you got a lot of theory, but no exercises to practice . . . this video will BLOW YOU AWAY Using a set of poles and the barrel pattern, Paul takes you through so many exercises for your horse that you’ll have to take notes to remember them all. Every barrel horse trainer worth their weight in salt will tell you that you win barrel races in the turns, not in the run. Those same barrel trainers will tell you not to overwork your horse on the pattern for fear of blowing them up? That seemingly contradictory advice often leaves you wondering to yourself and asking others . . . “HOW DO I PERFECT THE TURNS IF I CAN’T WORK THE PATTERN?” Paul shows you how to perfect the turns – IN THE PATTERN – without fear of blowing your horse up and causing him stress with numerous exercises.

This video is suitable for intermediate to advanced riders, as some of the concepts and exercises do require some previous knowledge, and at least average riding ability. The exercises presented here are suitable for horses with a basic riding foundation as well as horses with advanced levels of training. The video addresses the approach to the barrel, speed transitions in the pattern, and exercises to perfect the turns in the barrel pattern.