Peggy Hall

Barrel Racing with an Attitude

Peggy Hall Barrel Racing with an Attitude

By: VeNecia DeCluette welcomes Peggy Hall as this month’s featured trainer, and the West, Texas lady doesn’t disappoint. Peggy is renowned in the barrel racing world for having horses with textbook perfect turns, and longevity in the sport. Peggy attributes both the lasting ability of her horses, and their perfect turns to four very basic concepts, concepts that she explains in this video.

Peggy prides herself on the foundation that she instills in her horses, and she explains how her natural boarding, feeding, and shoeing program all figure in to the success of her animals. Along with the basic four, “whoa-go-outside-inside”, Peggy explains how she works with her horse’s natural inclinations to bring out the best in their attitudes, health, and performance.

This is a video that focuses on the basics of horse training, and as such is imperative to the trainer or rider working with young horses. Peggy discusses and illustrates the way to start a horse to keep him calm and using his body effectively in all facets of riding, not just on the pattern. By explaining how to properly start a young horse, she will teach you how to avoid problems that are common to barrel racing. Then, after helping you start your horse in the correct way, she teaches you how to use those four basic concepts on the pattern.

This video is suitable for intermediate to advanced riders, as some of the concepts and exercises do require some previous knowledge, and at least average riding ability. The exercises presented here are suitable for young horses needing a strong foundation. The video addresses the importance of keeping a horse in a manner as close to his natural habitat as possible, the four basic skills every horse needs, the proper way to start a young horse on the pattern, how to address common barrel racing issues, rider body position in the pattern, and how to keep your horse supple and soft.

This month’s Winning Tips installment is the first in a two part series discussing bits. Charlotte takes time in this video to explain to you the progression of bits that she uses as she trains horses, and why she uses the bits that she uses.