PJ Burger

Preparing for that Winning Run

PJ Burger preparing for the Winning Run

By: VeNecia DeCluette 2008

At first glance, you see that PJ Burger of Pauls Valley, Oklahoma, is a woman small in physical stature. You’d think that having married into a family of champions would be a lot of pressure for her to carry on her small shoulders, and that perhaps she might break under the strain of having Todd Burger as a brother in law, and 2006 World Champion Mary Burger for a mother in law. You would be wrong. PJ is a WPRA Pro Circuit Qualifier, the 2008 Summer Shoot Out Champion, and an AQHA Senior Barrel Racing Champion. In a family of winners, she holds her own.

Having been raised on horses, PJ naturally progressed into training and competition and has not looked back. Through years of riding and tuning, she has perfected a style of training and jockeying that works well for her small frame. In this video PJ shows you how she gets her horses to run and turn, and how she gets them to respond to her consistently and with ease. PJ is fanatic when it comes to the care that she takes of her horses, and she highlights that care in this video. She discusses her feed and supplement program, tack selection and delves deeply into the daily schedule of care that she provides for her horses. From leg wraps to trailering suggestions, PJ is adamant that a horse is only as good as his legs and feet.

Another very important aspect of barrel racing and rodeo is the familial aspect, and PJ does not shy away from that in this video. She explains how she has managed to juggle her career as a trainer and rider, with the challenge of raising a daughter. The mothers among our WinningRuns fans will appreciate the tips she gives, and the common sense approach that PJ is taking to winning and raising a family.

With exercises and stretches appropriate for horses at all stages of training, PJ discusses such topics as small warm up areas at arenas and rodeos, training exercises for younger and older horses to keep their attention focused on you, and she provides exercises to get young colts working in straight lines instead of zigzagging all over the pen. PJ rides three different horses, at three very distinct levels of training, in this video – and it is easy to see how her program creates a sound and sane individual that will get you to the pay window.

This video is suitable for intermediate to advanced riders with at least average riding ability, as the concepts do require some previous knowledge. The exercises presented here are suitable for horses with a basic riding foundation as well as horses with advanced levels of training. The video addresses family, equine health, bit and equipment selection, chiropractic care, and communication between horse and rider.

You will enjoy watching this little lady work these great big horses, but more than that you will learn some valuable lessons and be able to apply them immediately to your own riding and training. PJ’s delivery comes across sweet but firm and is easily received, and you can tell that she is the same with her horses. She’s a talented rider and trainer, and in this video she’s giving you all the information you need to Prepare for that
Winning Run!

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