Tamara Reinhardt

Balance, Rhythm, Repetition and Relaxation

Tamara Reinhardt Balance, Rhythm, Repetition & Relaxation

By: VeNecia DeCluette 2009

WinningRuns.com presents Tamara Reinhardt of Canadian, Texas.
In addition to her various derby and futurity championships Tamara is a WPRA Divisional Tour Champion, a Reserve BFA World Champion and a multiple NFR Qualifier. Coming from a rodeo family, her Dad Don Hemmons is a former steer wrestler and her mother Vera is a barrel racer and trainer, Tamara has a thorough understanding of not only the barrel racing industry but the nature of horses. In this video Tamara discusses the concepts of balance, rhythm, repetition & relaxation in detail, and she shows you how to apply these concepts for a Winning Run!!

This video, with Tamara’s detailed explanations and demonstrations, will serve as a complete riding lesson for the viewer. Her explanation as to why you must have balance, rhythm, repetition and relaxation in your training program in order to succeed is flawless. In her discussion of balance, she explains why it is imperative to use all four of your basic riding aids in a balanced fashion in order to communicate with your horse; the rhythm portion of her discussion explains how you can use your cadence and seat to control the speed of your horse’s gaits; her explanation of repetition outlines how you can use practice to sharpen your horse, but avoid dulling his edge by overworking him; and finally she explains how a combination of consistent balance, rhythm and repetition will help your horse to relax and perform with confidence.

Tamara also takes time in this video to discuss the all important topic of bit selection. Her discussion of bits is different from most others that you’ve seen in the past, and the information will be invaluable to your training and riding programs. While she does not focus on the mechanics of specific bits, she does delve deeply into the concept of fitting your horse properly for a bit.

This video is suitable for beginner to advanced riders with at least average riding ability, and the exercises presented here are suitable for young to finished horses. The video addresses the importance of good hands versus soft hands, the four basic riding aids and their use, bit selection and adjustment, how to bring a young horse along with balance, rhythm, an understanding of repetition, and enough confidence in your and his abilities to be able to relax.

During this month’s Winning Tips installment Charlotte takes the time to thank our previous trainers, and recap the videos that WinningRuns.com has presented up to this point. She also wets our whistles a bit by letting us know who will be up next in the WinningRuns.com line up!