Tana Poppino

Count Down to Winning

Tana Poppino Countdown to Winning

By: VeNecia DeCluette 2008

Tana Poppino, from Big Cabin, Oklahoma, is a multiple futurity and derby finalist, a Dodge Circuit Finals Champion, winner of the Calgary Stampede $100K Round, and a two time NFR qualifier. She and her horses, Amigo and Goose, took some time out from the road to meet the WinningRuns.com crew at the beautiful Diamond W Arena in Alvarado, Tx. Tana’s appearance is a treat for any cowgirl wanting to hit the rodeo road, and it is a text book lesson on how to haul successfully. From her arrival time at the arena, into the warm up pen,past the timer-line and back to the trailer, Tana takes this opportunity to walk you through her routine step by step. The resulting video is chocked full of information, tips and practical advice that will surely help you to make that Winning Run!

Tana’s horses, Goose and Amigo, are two very different styles of barrel horses. Goose is a horse that works the pattern in a more classic style, and is laid back and often needs more encouragement to work. Amigo on the other hand, is “anything but classic”, according to Tana. He is a hair-triggered horse who’s warm up and routine is geared more toward keeping him calm and under control. What this means for you, the viewer, is an opportunity to see how a professional barrel racer adjusts her riding and routine to the horse that she is riding.

This video is suitable for beginner to advanced riders with at least average riding ability, and the exercises presented here are suitable for young to finished horses. Tana takes time to discuss the importance of a strong routine and knowing your horse, hauling tips and preparation, bit and protective boot selection, feeding and supplements.

Tana’s horses work great for her in this video, and that is perhaps the finest testimony to her program. She has figured out what works best for her horses, and she is humble enough to allow them to work in the way that best fits them. That understanding of her horses and their needs is what allows Tana to keep on making those Winning Runs!!

This month’s Winning Tips installment introduces us to Liana De Weese of DeWeesebarrelhorses.com. Liana is a professional trainer from Claremore, Oklahoma, and in this first segment of a two part series, Liana exhibits several basic techniques for starting a horse from the ground. Charlotte also takes time to answer some viewer questions about pattern size and how the pattern changes from arena to arena, and day to day.