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Hello again.. we received the Liz Pinkston dvd  yesterday and popped it right into the dvd player and watched it ...    It was great, a lot of very good tips.  Liz is a great rider with some real talent on keeping a horse calm ...
Thank  you again.  Kathy Montano

Winningruns.com has been one of the best investments I have made in a long time.  Not only is the customer service great, but the videos they produce are wonderful.  It enables us barrel racers to see many of these top trainers/riders without having to haul all over the country to try and attend their clinics.  Shipping on the DVD's even to Canada is extremely fast and if you have questions or concerns they are answered quickly.  Thanks again for having such a wonderful website winningruns.com
Chelsea Driedger

I have received all of last years DVD's and January's of this years and have really enjoyed and have picked up tips from each of them.

I think there is a big section of us weekend Betty's out there who love the sport and want to learn but because of other commitments are unable to devote the time or money to big clinics and need good reference tools that cover a wide variety of areas. 

Overall I love the concept and the DVD's and just wish spring would get here so I can put them to good use.
Thanks again
Jennifer Sizemore

*Hey Charlotte,
I got my DVD's yesterday. By the way, thanks for the blooper instructional on "what not to do". LOL

*I just wanted to tell you that the DVD was excellent. And, that although the Jordan Peterson section was very informative, as usual, I really got the most out of the colt training section this time.......

*LOVED the Nov. DVD. Very informative!!! And I think you are on the right track with the monthly tips section. Personally, I find it much more informative than the Future Champions series. Keep up the good work! Mel

The Winning Run videos are just awesome! I have learned so much from all the different trainers. I think this is the best way to go. you can get pointers and tips on different techniques and solutions to problems. its nice because one trainer might have a suggestion that might work on one particular horse but not another, but then another trainer's different suggestion for the same problem might work. I think it broadens our ideas and you learn from so many different aspects. Its like having a multiple trainer clinic all in one! you cant beat a deal like that!
Jammie Tinker Indianola, OK

The winning runs tapes have really been a blessing to me; I absolutely love them and have watched 7 of them so far - going for another 7! I have learned so much and so many new things from them - I run several horses and they all have a totally different style; with your videos I have been able to find ways to click with my horse and help them be the best they can be. I think the winning runs videos are the best ones out there and I would recommend them to anyone and everyone!
Thanks again for all of your support Winning Runs and keep making those great videos! :)  Chelsea Tanner  www.chelseatanner.net

Charlotte, Bob and Tamet
OK, here you go, my opinion of the Bo Hill DVD!

First of all, WOW, nice horses and Charlotte, you look GREAT!   I was totally excited about getting this DVD! I was able to watch the outtakes and do some reading about Bo Hill and I really looked forward to adding this DVD to my collection! I enjoyed her talk about prospects and noticed that she mentioned pedigree first. In my opinion, it sure helps to know how the horse is bred and if "run" and "turn" was bred into the animal. Nice to hear a pro say so too! Her explanations of maneuvers was simple and easy to learn! I did raise and eyebrow at her one handed ridding style, but then i realized that My HUSBAND sure could learn a whole lot from her video! He has a tendency to want to ride single handed. The fact that she can make those colts do all of that with one hand and leg really opened my eyes to the fact that I now have a different approach to training that one 4yo that hates for me to get in his face. Also, her theory on not picking battles was very enlightening since the same 4yo is one that really makes me want to battle..... Tongue It was really nice and refreshing to watch this video giving me some alternative training methods for certain horses. BTW, my husband is very excited to watch the video as well. He has been self taught and has gone rounds with the 4yo that is HIS horse. Hopefully the video will teach him how to ask the gelding to do the things that I want him to do, in his one handed way!

Charlotte, Thank you for your part in the video! I have a very laid back horse that has to be "woken up" before a run and a friend has the wired up type of horse. Both of us will benefit from you section on warming up! It was nice to see you on a horse too!!! One tip....take your leg boots off the stirrup so we can see your feet work!!!  I look forward to the next video!!!
Rachael Myers

I had purchased Bo Hill's DVD, and was blown away by the wonderful DVD that Winning Runs had put together!!!  Charlotte was hysterical and very informative and I can not rave about Bo Hill enough, the lessons I learned off that DVD have made wonderful changes in my horses and my riding, so I just purchased Tammy Key Fischer's DVD Wicked Turns from you guys here at Winning Runs.. again thank you for such  great DVDs and for continuing to put these great tools out there for us  barrel racers to learn and improve from!

I will continue to purchase my DVDs from you and will continue to recommend Winningruns.com highly to everyone!
Thanks again !
Aimee Gilmore

2010 Editions
Winningruns - Ground Work to Fast Work Part 2

Winningruns - Ground Work to Fast Work Part 1

Karla Oller - Making the Grade with Karla

2009 Editions
Annessa Self - Barrel Racing with Annessa

Cassie Moseley - Training for the Longhaul

Marne Loosenort - Team Loosenort

Brad Wagner - Making that Winning Run

Troy Crumrine - Millions in Winningruns

Danyelle Campbell - Exercises in Consistency

Peggy Hall - Barrel Racing with an Attitude

Sheila Zandt - Riding the way you practice

Tamara Reinhardt - Balance, Rhythm, Repetition and Relaxation

Angie Granpre- Assembling a Victorious Team

Add Waddel - Patience for a Solid Foundation

Tana Poppino - Count Down to Winning

2008 Editions
PJ Burger - Preparing for that Winning Run

Kristin Weaver-Brown - Balance, Rythym & Timing

Darlene Kasper - Get to know your horse

Charlotte Cunningham - Communication and Consistency

Jackie Dube Jatzlau - Your Job as the Rider

Paul Humphrey - Part II

Tammy Key-Fischer Wicked Turns

Jill Moody "Training Fun & Easy"

Bo Hill "The Trainers Trainer"

Molly Powell & Julie Swanson  "Family of Champions"

Liz Pinkston "Destination Las Vegas"

Lyndee Stairs "Building on the Basics"

2007 Previous Editions
Kendal Owen "Investing in your horses future"

Paul Humphrey "Finesse for Success" 

Jud Little Ranch "From Start to Finish

Jordon Peterson's "Barrel Racing 101" 

LaTricia Duke's "Buying a prospect on a Budget" 

Kristie Peterson's "The Basics"


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